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The Players:

The Confidential Files:



Nancy "Lucky Roll" Lorem

  1. Born God knows when-she's oldest sister.
  2. Flew in from AZ via Charlotte, NC to Key West.
  3. Director of Home Health at KRMC, Kingman, AZ.
  4. Known for assertive tendencies.
  5. Practitioner of a black art known as "Healing Touch."
  6. Known to gamble whenever near a casino, usually Laughlin, NV or Vegas.
  7. Born in the year of the Ox, she remains the employed one.


Vicki "Ca-Ching!" Ipsum

  1. No. 2 - born 3 yrs after No. 1 sister.
  2. Flew in from AZ via Charlotte, NC to Key West.
  3. Frequents Kingman and L. Havasu City, Az.
  4. A pathological Doer - can't sit still. Give her your odd jobs and sewing.
  5. Don't treat her like sh_t or she'll cry like a baby, then summon up her dignity and quit her job.
  6. Encourages illegal poker in her home.
  7. Likes to cash in for those big casino bucks.
  8. Born year of the Tiger, very fierce... yet cuddly.!


Bonnie "Masquerade" Follett

  1. No. 3 retains the family name.
  2. Flew in from SF via Miami to Key West.
  3. A master of disguise (but the supermodel disguise needs some work).
  4. Unknown whether she's a writer, artist, lawyer, paralegal or web designer... or just plain unemployed.
  5. Harbors a tyrannical Al Qaeda terrorist cockatiel in her home.
  6. Born in a Water Dragon year, don't piss her off!


Peggy Ann "Drama Queen" Aliquam

  1. No. 4, born the year after Masquerade Bon.
  2. Flew in from Hawley, MN via Miami to Key West.
  3. Enjoys cultural events and culinary activities.
  4. Can be found at family gatherings and/or reading her Bible.
  5. Thank God one of us has an "in" with the man upstairs.
  6. Spawned a whole slew of dramatic children and grand-children.
  7. Naughty or nice? - The grandkids say "Nice!"


Linda Lou "Statue of Liberty" Vivamus

  1. No. 5, the baby girl sister.
  2. Flew in from Fargo, ND via Miami to Key West.
  3. Was she born with a camera in her hand?
  4. Frequents the Northland - Fargo, ND and Little Toad Lake, MN.
  5. Had to forcibly pry her away from her golden retriever Ginger for this trip.
  6. Formerly a Creative Memories scrapbooking guru.
  7. Born in the year of the Rat... so... the true Rat in our Ratpack!

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The Key West Rat Pack... on the prowl


Who let them out of the box? What were they doing in Key West? Were they really five middle-aged ladies on vacation or undercover operatives planning an illegal operation? Dossiers were ordered on each of the players, yet this had gleened little useful information. Still, they were suspicious, very suspicious.

Background information revealed they were sisters, born and raised in Fargo, ND. That alone was suspicious enough. No one REALLY comes from Fargo. What were they doing in Key West? We had to find out.

At the time two of the group - Vicki "Ca-Ching!" and Bonnie "Masquerade" were apparently employed in cushy "jobs." Soon after this trip both left their cover employment for activities unknown.

Their February 2010 Key West itinerary was pieced together by surveillance crews investigating the group we dubbed "The Key West Rat Pack."

Anyone with information on these individuals should contact the Key West Police Dept.