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The Evidence:

The Confidential Files:

Evidence Obtained by Key West P.D.

  1. Airline Information
  2. DNA obtained from empty containers
  3. Fingerprints from empties
  4. Witness interviews
  5. Travel records
  6. Restaurant and Bar Receipts
  7. Internet Postings by the Players
  8. Black sweatpants abandoned at the condo


Resources and Locations

Persons of Interest - Known Contacts

We need info on the following known contacts or persons of interest:

  • Myserious spirit guide from night 1 photo shoot
  • Brian - a black male contact at Marley concert
  • Angelo - a white male contact at the Marley concert
  • Tattooists at Paradise Tattoo
  • The hunky Waiter at Dante's
  • Bingo Lady at The Green Parrot
  • Elderly Male at Mallory Square
  • Dancing Danish Girl and her parents
  • Yvonne DeCarlo - a Cat at Hemingway House
map KW

Photos from Surveillance:

Vicki getting liquor
Vicki after purchasing Liquor
Nan getting liquor
Nancy after purchasing Liquor
Apparitions or Spirit Guides?
Taken late night day one.
Condo view
1800 Atlantic Condo View
Linda at Salutes liquor
Linda at Salutes on the Beach
Nancy at Salutes
Nancy at Salutes on the Beach
Peggy at Salutes
Peggy at Salute on the Beach
Vicki at Salutes
Vicki at Salute on the Beach
Vicki on the beach
Vicki on the beach
Nancy on the beach
Nancy on the beach
Linda and camera
Lin with camera at the beach
Bonnie drinking
Bonnie drinking again
Peggy and Vicki drinking
Peggy and Vicki drinking again
Subject at Southernmost 90 miles to cuba
Suspects at 90 mi. marker
suspects at Southernmost
Suspects at Southermost
suspects at pool area of condo
Rat Pack at the condo pool-beach area
Paradise Tattoo
Paradise Tattoo location
Bon getting tattoo
Bonnie getting a tattoo by Anji
Linda getting tattoo
Linda getting her tattoo
Vici snarls at Tattoo parlor
Vicki with onlooking rat-packers
Stopped by police off Duval
Police stop off Duval St area
Vicki and cop play nice
Vicki and Cop part smiling - was there a bribe?
Suspects drinking at Duval pub
Two suspects drinking on Duval
Nancy tattoo
Nancy and the 1/2 Angel tattoo
Linda Tattoo
Linda Tattoo lower back
Bon Tattoo
Bonnie's Tattoo
Green Parrot
Side door of the Green Parrot
Vic wins Bingo
Vicki wins at Bingo - Green Parrot
Package passed at Green Parrot
Vicki with package at Green Parrot
Lady dancing
Lady dancing at Mallory Square
Peg and Vic conspire
Peg and Vic conspire at Conch Republic
suspects eating croissants
Vic and Linda at Croissant Shop
Peg at condo
Peg at condo in morning
Subjects at Butterfly Conservancy
Subjects at Butterfly Conservatory
Yvonne De Carlo cat
Yvonne DeCarlo, a Hemingway cat -
knows more than she's saying.
six-toed cat
A Hemingway cat contact
Catnap at Hemingway House
Catnap at Hemingway House
Suspects escaping
Suspects escape in bad weather.
More subjects escaping
Suspects Nancy and Vicki escape.
Ship off Mallory Square
The ship has sailed.